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The late 1940s and early 1950s, following the end of World War II, were blossoming years for the American college boy. This Blog, Number 16, chronicles several of Geoff Nate’s adventures as he grapples with the challenges of early manhood and the prospect of being called to serve his country in yet another war. (Music courtesy of Scott Joplin)


“The State Fair”…   Minnesota’s State Fair is the nation’s largest and occupies 350 acres in West St. Paul. In just 10 days it draws over 2,000,000 visitors, many of whom were potential customers for this fledgling ice cream salesman.   [open]

“The Stewardess”…   Miami Beach sounded great to this Minnesota college boy back in the cold cold winter of 1950. He and his buddy just couldn’t pass up the chance when offered an opportunity to drive some Minneapolis millionaire’s Cadillac south for the season. Adventures follow, as does romance, in the high skies.  [open]


“A Cable Merger Too Far”…   The proposed merger between cable TV powers Comcast and Time Warner would be a big big mistake. The New York Times editorial page back on May 27, 2014 is a short and sweet explanation of why.   [open]


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